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OUR ARCHIVES : July 2008

Burn Fat Lose Weight The Secret to Burning Fat Naturally

The easiest and quickest way to burn fat and lose weight is to get your metabolism revved up by eating small protein-rich meals at regular intervals of three to three-and-a-half hours throughout the day. This forces the body to maintain a steady insulin level that prevents excess insulin being released, thus avoiding fat build-up. Instead, […]

Do Diet Sodas Cause Weight Gain

Recently there has been a lot of talk about a study that found that people who drank at least 1 diet soda a day were more likely to gain weight and suffer Metabolic Syndrome. I know that there is a lot of conflicting information about weight loss. But if you want to lose weight and […]

Quick Weight Loss Diet Problems

Often times people use quick weight loss diets to help them lose a few pounds in order to fit into a certain outfit or to help them have a better self-image. Rapid weight loss is not always healthy. Before embarking on any diet, you should be sure to consult your physician. Using quick weight loss […]

Good Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

We all know that the food we eat makes a big difference in the amount of weight we lose. It’s simply a matter of making choices – low fat chicken rather than fatty meat, water and fresh juice rather than soda, baked potato rather than fries. It’s the choice we make when we purchase our […]

Smoking and Weight loss: Is It worthwhile To Initiate An Attempt To Slim Down Through Smoking?

Though I am not in the league of Jennifer Lopez or Tom Cruise for the sole reason that I don?t fit into the category of exceedingly beautiful people, I do have in store a little sagacity with myself which prevents me from adopting smoking as a measure to lose weight and attain an enviable physique. […]