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OUR ARCHIVES : August 2008

Tobacco has bad effect on heart

Heart muscle is always weakened by excessive indulgence in nicotine, the nerves of the heart is disturbed, if not actually injured. The active principle of tobacco is nicotine, besides which it contains an aromatic camphor-like substance, cellulose, resins, sugar, etc. Other products developed during combustion are carbon monoxide gas, a minute amount of prussic acid […]

Smoking Salvia Is Like Smoking Tobacco

Smoking salvia divinorum is just like smoking tobacco in a pipe, but the effect is much stronger that you will feel from any other herb that you can smoke. You can also use a water pipe or even a hookah. Salvia divinorum is now becoming more popular and is being offered in more potent forms. […]

The Tobacco Conspiracy And Why You Have Not Been Able to Quit Smoking

The truth behind why it’s so hard to stop smoking and why failure is not only often, it is expected. Stopping smoking takes more than the methods promoted and suggested by the tobacco industry. Only through a combination of techniques will there be success. And they are not the ones suggested. Billions of dollars are […]