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OUR ARCHIVES : August 2008

Hypnotherapy Home Study Course To Stop Smoking

Lots of individuals are dealing with the problem on how to stop smoking. This is one of the hard tasks to do and in some cases it takes a little more will power than what some have inside them. However, with a little help, you can make use of hypnosis stop smoking to end your […]

Getting Humor Back In Life! Smoking Cessation Makes It Possible!

You would experience the sheer hilarity of the quintessential Shakespearean comedy ?As You Like It? in your own life the moment you quit smoking through an effective anti-smoking device, as in a smoker?s life, laughter is a rarity! In order to know how it happens, just have a look at the aftermath of cigarette addiction […]

Ten Ways to Give Up Smoking, And One That Works

Over the years I’ve tried many times to give up smoking. Along the way I’ve subjected myself to some of the ‘recommended’ methods. If you are thinking about giving up, here are some ways not to go about it. Over the years I’ve tried many times to give up smoking. Along the way I’ve subjected […]

Attractive Incentives At Offer On Completing A Quit Smoking Program: Guys! This is news, isn?t it?

Listen guys! A quit smoking program was initiated at St. Mary’s Healthcare Center and the people who successfully completed this 12-week lasting smoking cessation program were entitled to a host of privileges… Hello, are you listening? I would like to convey a piece of information to you concerning smoking cessation which would undoubtedly startle you […]

Chantix wants you to quit smoking

Nicotine replacement therapy is one of the most popular paths for many smoking quitters to take. One can choose from nicotine patches, gums and nasal sprays. Beyond that you can start look at prescription treatments like chantix and zyban – the two most popular pills to help you quit… Why one wants to quit smoking, […]