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Articles about alternative ways of treatment and self health care


The 7 Facets of Qigong Pressure Training

Qi Power Training or Energy Work can give the body many benefits, such as health, increased ability to think, perception skills, martial power skills, relaxation skills, increased energy, sexual improvement and many other benefits. Since there are many ways in which to reach these goals or abilities, there also many methods, systems and techniques that […]

Qigong Density Training Bridging The Gap From Body To Mind

So what is Qi Density? It is the thickness of consistency of qi power energy that your body is able to emit on a regular basis. First lets talk about “Qi Density”. Density in this case is the ability to visualize and create an image of the effect that we are looking to create Training […]

The 15 Secret Abilities of Qigong Extra Sensory Perception ESP

When one thinks of Chi Power Training or Qigong, the concept of developing Extra Sensory Perception or ESP becomes a very real possibility. How does a physical exercise like Chi Power Training or Qigong relate to the development of Psychic abilities or ESP? The one key factor that one must realize is that physical “Internal” […]