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OUR ARCHIVES : July 2008

How Likely Is It That Drinking Water Stations and Water Fountains Have Contaminated Drinking Water

Can we get contaminated drinking water at work? As we all know, work under stress can be very harmful. That is why many companies try to provide their workers with fresh water, in order to relieve them of some of their stress. And the employees feel secure, because water containing within limits amounts of magnesium […]

Drinking Water Filters Needed More and More

All the doctors and nutritionists, all the diets and the fitness instructors tell us to drink as much water as possible, the minimum of liquid consumed during a day being at least 2 liters. And then we hear from the environmentalists and other government organizations that water is contaminated with all kind of bacteria. The […]

Burn Fat Lose Weight The Secret to Burning Fat Naturally

The easiest and quickest way to burn fat and lose weight is to get your metabolism revved up by eating small protein-rich meals at regular intervals of three to three-and-a-half hours throughout the day. This forces the body to maintain a steady insulin level that prevents excess insulin being released, thus avoiding fat build-up. Instead, […]

Do Diet Sodas Cause Weight Gain

Recently there has been a lot of talk about a study that found that people who drank at least 1 diet soda a day were more likely to gain weight and suffer Metabolic Syndrome. I know that there is a lot of conflicting information about weight loss. But if you want to lose weight and […]

Effect Of Drinking Juice On Kids

Lots of kids, when asked to eat fruits, shy away. A lot of kids like them, and some have vowed to not to eat fruits just because they don’t want to. However, if they are given the fruits in the form of juice, the opposition is much less as the juice is tastier. Most juices […]