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OUR ARCHIVES : June 2008

Get Rid of Acne with Natural Remedies

Acne is a common skin disease that causes pimples. Acne is a highly complicated and variable form of skin infection. It is most common during adolescence, affecting more than 85% of teenagers, but not infrequently also continues into adulthood. Pores contain sebaceous glands that make sebum, an oil that moistens your hair and skin. Acne […]

How Safe Are Natural Health Products

Natural health products are often promoted as safer, more effective, and less likely to have side effects than prescription drugs. It should be noted that internationally, natural health products are regulated on the basis of safety and quality and to varying degrees, efficacy. They are defined (in Canada) as: Vitamins and minerals, Herbal remedies, Homeopathic […]

FDA Approval For Natural Cures Don’t Hold Your Breath

It’s funny when you pick up any bottle containing a natural herb or supplement and read the little message at the bottom: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.” Ever wonder when the FDA is going to get around to evaluating them? After all, they have only been used for […]

Free Acne Treatments – Natural Remedies for an Acne-Free Skin

Acne. It is the bane of most teenagers, and even fully-grown adults. And with expensive over-the-counter products for acne, acne sufferers may find some free acne treatments through natural means a welcome relief to the face ? if not the pocket. As natural healing is becoming increasingly popular and accepted today, free acne treatments through […]

Different Types of Natural Cure for Hair Loss

With natural hair loss treatments, you don?t have to worry about the various effects that synthetic and complicated treatments may impose on your body. Here are some of the natural remedies for hair loss. There are different types of remedies for hair loss, ranging from natural, to synthetic, and to the more complex methods. While […]