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OUR ARCHIVES : August 2008

Smoking Addiction Vs Quit Smoking: How Differently These Phenomena Affect An Individual?

The impact of smoking addiction on a person is completely contrary to the influence of smoking cessation on the same individual and this difference is strikingly visible in the immense relief a person undergoes after he successfully gets rid of the addictive effect of cigarettes. Moreover, with regard to the tremendous suffering that befalls an […]

How To Prevent Yourself from Getting Back To Smoking Addiction? Here Lies The Answer

To make your way out of the quandary, you can take the help of hypnosis in the post quitting phase if the cravings for nicotine have become unbearable for you. If your doctor suggests hypnosis or you, you can receive treatment under the care of a practiced hypnotist. Addressing all my internet buddies who have […]

Are Cine Stars Responsible For The Increasing Trend Of Smoking Addiction: Have A Look

The factors postulated above indeed show the vulnerability of children towards cigarette smoking but in no way Hollywood scenes depicting bigwigs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Sharon Stone smoking continuously, the only factor that leads all the youngsters to the evil influence thrust of smoking. What happens when your kid watches Brad Pitt in a Fight […]

Smoking Addiction? Easy Ways To Break It With Hypnosis

Breaking the smoking addiction may be a necessity at this point in history, because cigarettes have been banned from eateries and other public places. In fact, it is definitely the intelligent thing to do for more reasons than good health alone. Learn how to quit the easy way. Breaking the smoking addiction may be a […]

How Chantix Overpowers Nicotine Addiction and Triggers Off Smoking Cessation? Check It Out!

The Pfizer manufactured anti-smoking medicine chantix substitutes the effects of nicotine in the brain and on account of chantix action, the smoker gets rid of the nicotine addiction and consequently smoking cessation becomes a possibility for him. The assistance provided by Pfizer?s anti-smoking drug Chantix in getting rid of nicotine addiction yield instant results in […]