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Finally Revealed Acne Body Treatment That Works

Acne knows no limits on where to form and, while the face is the most visible surface for acne outbreaks, it is not uncommon for acne to form on the chest, the back and just about anywhere else on the body. Most people treat their acne outbreaks only the parts of the body where it shows, and shun an acne body treatment.

Benzoyl peroxide is the most commonly suggested treatment for acne and people have no trouble using it on their face, but they really need to consider an acne body treatment if they also suffer outbreaks on other parts of their body. There are numerous commercial acne body treatment products on the market, but there are a few you can mix up at home.

Mix together two teaspoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of calendula oil, a teaspoon of almond oil along with two drops of tea tree oil, and a drop each of lavender and chamomile oil. It can be stored in darkness and when you apply it, you should thoroughly rub it into the acne-affected area until completely absorbed. You may need help with an acne body treatment if you cannot reach all the affected places.

More Aggressive Treatment Needed On Body

Treating facial acne can be time consuming but fairly simple as the skin or your face usually not covered and subjected to constant contact with your clothing. This irritation can actually spread the acne and possibly a stronger acne body treatment will be needed more often.

Your back is usually made up of tougher skin and contains many more sebaceous glands than your face and they can produce a significantly higher quantity of oils, making the area more open to cysts, boils and acne which will take longer to treat than acne will. Your chest and neck are also more susceptible to acne outbreaks and caution should be used when touching your face if your hands have touched the acne on your neck or chest as the bacteria can be transferred to your face and stimulate an acne attack.

If topical treatments fail you may want to ask your physician or dermatologist about the possible use of oral antibiotics in addition to an acne body treatment. While some are now known to cause serious side effects, if you are subscribed oral retinoids you need to be aware of the possibility of the potential for birth defects. This drug should never be taken if pregnant or are planning to become pregnant.

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