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A Shake to Eliminate Acne

Fruit shakes provide you a unique way to eat fruits and mixed with other ingredients and nutrients can serve as a way to help you to clear or eliminate your acne. .Blended fruits provide nutrients that are digested quicker. In liquid form, fruit will take about one to two hours to digest bring in nutrient quickly into your body.

Shakes help you detoxify your body by creating extra urine and bowel movements. When you have acne detoxifying should be number one on your list. During the period where you have acne, drink more shakes to detoxify toxic matter in your colon and else where in your body.

If you lack mineral and vitamins, shakes are a way to bring these nutrients quickly into your body. Here is a shake you can make each morning for your acne.
Strawberry Shake

Mix in a blender the following ingredients.

1 banana
1-teaspoon of lecithin granules
1-teaspoon of any type of bran, but oat bran is best
1 cup or more 50:50 rice dream: almond milk
Now add strawberries one by one with the blender on until you get the consistency you like, but start with about 10 of them
Now in a coffee grinder, grind the following and add them to the blended strawberry mix:
1-teaspoon flax seeds
1 or 2 teaspoon sunflower seeds
1-teaspoon sesame seeds
1 tablespoon of powdered vitamin C
This shake has a high concentration of fiber. Betty Kamen, Ph. D., talks about how fiber helps skin diseases,

“Treatment of any skin condition is always more effective when the intestinal tract is free of disease-producing fungi. Vegetable fiber is recommended to reduce yeast colonies between your intestinal villi – the threadlike projections covering the surface of the mucous membranes lining your small intestine?Fiber also helps to avoid yeast cells from invading your lymph tract and circulating blood. This is effective in clearing seborrheic eczema (the kind that causes excessive discharge from the sebaceous glands, forming greasy scales and cheesy plugs) and other skin conditions.”

Drink your shake slowly. Do not drink it like water. The best way to drink it is to move the mixture around in your mouth so saliva is mixed with the shake ingredients. Drinking a shake too fast can lead to excess gas to form in the stomach, which can cause some discomfort.

Once your shake is made, drink it within a five minutes, since the contents start to oxidize and breakdown. This oxidation process reduces the nutritional value of this shake.

Since the shake ingredients will start to decay quickly as it has air mixed in from the blending process, fill a thermos to the top, you can use the shake for later. By adding vitamin C powder, the shake will last longer before losing it strength and power.

Use a health shake to help you get rid of acne. Also, use other methods, with a health shake, to help you eliminate acne.

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